From the music to the fashion, the 90s was the best time for dancehall fashion.

Dancehall queen Carlene showed us what it meant to be sexy in bright coloured wigs and neon tights. Men and women danced together and fashion was more than matching colours, it was about self expression.

Check out some of our favourite fashion pieces from the 90s below:

  • Bright coloured wigs- Dancehall queen Carlene was the master of wigs in our opinion. A wig to match every outfit!
  • Fishnet stockings- We love fishnets, especially when paired with over the knee boots! Bashment!
  • Large hoop earrings- You remember those earrings that looked heavy and painful?
  • Extra baggy jeans- This trend started in the USA they say, but when we think of the 90s we can’t help but picture our major artists in huge baggy jeans and high top shoes.
  • Snoop doggy dog sneakers- Anybody still have  a pair of these? Share a picture with us!
  • High platform shoes- Ladies, anybody remember those chunky, high platform shoes? Was there anything sexier?
  • Patra braids- Lady Patra! The queen of what is now called ‘Box Braids’.
  • Jerseys- Were you even a part of the 90s scene if you didn’t own a large ice hockey jersey?
  • Neon tights- Ladies, who used to pair neon short tights with their fishnets?
  • Mesh merinos- We know we don’t have to say anything. We know…